Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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One of my favorite tools I will be using with my students is the Interactive Multigenre Text Analysis Chart. The students can use it when analyzing text and I am able to add extra rows and columns and type in any question I would like for the students. Once the students complete the chart it is able to be printed out.

Learning in my class will be taking place by using the technology we already use with the Macs and adding other technology with the iPads and the apps on the iPad. To accommodate the 21st Century learner, I will need to stay updated on technology and be more aware than the 21st Century learner.

There were no unexpected outcomes surprised me, but I was exposed to more interactive sites and apps for the iPad I will be able to use in the class I was not familiar with before.

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Three things I want students to understand are:
 1. To be aware that information used for research off the internet may not be totally accurate and other means of research are important as well
 2. Just because you put something on Facebook or text something to a friend does not mean the message is private. It can and will be found.
 3. Be aware of the safety issues online.

I like Common Sense Media because it has various videos for parent and student education. These videos can be used at the beginning of the year before we start working on projects and throughout the year as needed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

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1. It is important so your technology has a purpose and it is not just used for fun.

2. If your projects do not have a purpose, students will not give adequate production and your objectives will not be met.

3. I liked Boggle and Google Earth apps for the iPad/iPod. I could use Google Earth as a station by showing the students a visual of the town, city, or country that is relevant to their topic to get additional background knowledge. Boggle is more of a game for students to use to increase their vocabulary skills. Each station will have a worksheet that has to be completed with varied information in relation to their topic.

4. Interactive Multigenre Text Analysis Chart in Thinkfinity is easy to use for the students to be able to analyze different genres of text and organize it. Students are able to type in the columns and rows and print out the final product. Teachers can also add additional information to the columns and rows if needed. Fractured Fairy Tales in Thinkfinity is another interactive site I enjoyed because the students are able to look at fairy tales already on the site or make up their own.

5. With the iPad, using memory games or apps where students have to use critical thinking skills is a great way challenge our students and improvise them with more innovative ways to learn and challenge themselves using the technology in the classroom.

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I have already used many of the tools presented here, but I did learn other apps that can be downloaded on my iPad. To manage the usage for each student, there will be different phases of the projects so each group will have a time frame for each stage of the project which gives enough time for all to use the devices.

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Content Objective: Students will be able to use Skype to communicate with each other outside of class to complete this assignment.

7th grade students will put together a Google presentation on Persuasive writing and Skype with 7th grade students at NMS. To receive feedback, students will use google docs to give feedback on the presentations.

Tool 6

I would use Google presentation to be able to see each stage of completion as they are working. Once they email me to let me know they have finished or just at the end of class, I can email them back with comments.

Using the Wallwisher and an exit ticket or warm up where students are able to go add sticky notes to the board and it is saved for others to see.

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I use Prezi a lot in class for research and other presentations the other choice is i movie or keynote.  They all provide excellent tools to for students to broaden the scope of presenting.