Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool 9 of 11

1. It is important so your technology has a purpose and it is not just used for fun.

2. If your projects do not have a purpose, students will not give adequate production and your objectives will not be met.

3. I liked Boggle and Google Earth apps for the iPad/iPod. I could use Google Earth as a station by showing the students a visual of the town, city, or country that is relevant to their topic to get additional background knowledge. Boggle is more of a game for students to use to increase their vocabulary skills. Each station will have a worksheet that has to be completed with varied information in relation to their topic.

4. Interactive Multigenre Text Analysis Chart in Thinkfinity is easy to use for the students to be able to analyze different genres of text and organize it. Students are able to type in the columns and rows and print out the final product. Teachers can also add additional information to the columns and rows if needed. Fractured Fairy Tales in Thinkfinity is another interactive site I enjoyed because the students are able to look at fairy tales already on the site or make up their own.

5. With the iPad, using memory games or apps where students have to use critical thinking skills is a great way challenge our students and improvise them with more innovative ways to learn and challenge themselves using the technology in the classroom.

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