Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool 3 of 11

I found this video useful to increase students' awareness about various issues in school and the community, it makes it fun and interesting.  Having students participate or even develop their own video on lessons for the week will increase retainment of information.

I found that if you increase the value of a product or source or as a teacher/students uses information for the "greater good" of society, copyright law does not apply. The needs of teacher and students are held higher than that of the "Big Business". Therefore,  music, websites, video is just under Fair use practices.  Although there are limitations such as materials to be sold to schools, however the use of the materials is limited such as if the material will be used public display, sale, and copy. There are other limitations as well but I found these most useful.

Dropbox is useful to keep files centrally located and have the available to share with students.

This video is a good introduction to PSA or persuasive messages.

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